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The games that are offered in the online casinos today are widely varied and numerous. No longer does one have to venture to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or any other of the famous casino venues across the world, now one can enjoy the pleasures of gambling from one’s own home 

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Whatever games one wants to play – from the card Casino Games Bouns of poker and blackjack to playing the slot machines or roulette, the internet is filled with online casinos that can not only provide the games that are required, but also the specific version of the game that the gambler wishes to bet on. For example, someone who wishes to play poker may not want to play Texas Holdem poker. They may prefer Pinea casino bonus pple Poker or Seven CardStud poker – all of which would be available somewhere online. If the player wishes to play in a tournament as opposed to a regular game of poker, that can also be arranged and different versions of each tournament are available.

A casino bonus scheme can be either a general one related to the casino, or more specifically tailored to the games that are on offer. A “No Deposit Cash Bonus” is rarer than a “Deposit Cash Bonus”.

 It means that when a customer makes the initial decision to gamble in a particular casino, they are not required to deposit any of their own money into their account. However, the casino will deposit cash into their account as a bonus. In a sense, they are receiving

something for nothing. Of course, this cash is not then available for the customer to withdraw. Certain rules would likely be in place to ensure that the customer did some gambling before they were able to withdraw their money. More commonly however, a player would be required to deposit an initial amount of money into their account. A casino may then either match that amount or a percentage of it. Again, there would likely be rules to prevent the customer from withdrawing their money before they had used it for gambling in the online casino. These sorts of bonus offers are examples of a casino’s general bonus scheme. However, there may be more specific bonuses available to the individual games on offer. For example, with the game of poker, a “Bad Beat” bonus is popular with many casinos. It means that if a player has an excellent hand that seems likely to win but is then beaten in the last round, that player would receive a payout, as compensation. These bonus offers can be individually tailored to any of the games and bets on offer, from bingo to betting on the sportsbooks.


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