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There are also various accounting companies which are used to audit reputable casinos and check their accounts. An example of one of these is Price Waterhouse Coopers – an accounting company that is employed by many casinos as a safeguard to ensure that their accounts are in order and that money and transactions are handled in a totally accurate and honest fashion.

It is important to remember that for a legal casino, security and successful accounts are as important to the casino as they are to the customer. A bad reputation in the online gambling industry can be crippling and nobody wants to frequent a casino that has either intentionally or erroneously been gaining money illegitimately. For the gambler, winning should be something that has occurred in a totally legal and legitimate fashion and not something to feel guilty about or later to be told was a mistake.

A good online casino should take measures to ensure that the playing of the games is secure and fair. For example, anti-collusion software should be used in games such as poker, where players could potentially collude via instant messenger and the telephone. Records that are kept of every hand that is played help to prevent this collusion and monitors should be on hand to ensure that no foul play has taken place.

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